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» » Burl - Run Up Fight Of The Stairs
Burl  - Run Up Fight Of The Stairs flac album

Burl - Run Up Fight Of The Stairs flac album

Run Up Fight Of The Stairs
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1 Big Mouth
2 I Don’t Know War
3 Generation
4 Holiday


  • Bass, Vocals – Takahiro Matsumoto
  • Drums – Hiroyuki Sakamoto
  • Guitar, Vocals – Ryuji Kemi

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Crawling Up The Stairs is an album born out of pain. Lead singer and guitarist Nate Grace was injured in a skateboarding injury in 2012 and faced a very troublesome period where it was uncertain if he’d ever walk again, with the rest of the band stuck in artistic limbo by the situation. Thankfully he recovered, and now here we have the Austin Texas trio’s second studio album, but one noticeably different from 2011’s Pleasure.

This is the seventh and final Creaky Stairs album in an absurd five-year run that turned tape into sarcastic ammunition, turned musical notes into stuttering, limping go-getters, and arranged airwaves. March 31, 2016 ·. Gieaux Motor. February 15, 2016 ·. SoundCloud. The seventh The Creaky Stairs album "Retrograde Inversion," is now on Soundcloud! This will be the last album presented as a Creaky Stairs production. Seven albums in five years is pretty good.

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